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Watch FLAMES  on  Amazon or  iTunes

or if you don't like how streaming took over the movie business, buy it here and own it forever - DVD or Blu-Ray


"Without a doubt unlike any other film released" - The Playlist

"A molotov cocktail of a movie" - Indiewire

"Extremely raw, sexually and emotionally intimate" - Observer

"A funny and bracing documentary, sure to garner strong reactions from anyone who watches it." - Vice

"A singular project that pushes the boundaries of cinema "

- Monsters & Critics

"Flames is an entirely fascinating project"​ - Filmmaker

"A film that is unlike any other" - Deadline​

"It makes falling out of love seem like an enviable, knowledge-gaining - even beautiful - endeavor to go through." - Village Voice

"Transfixing images map the uncharted territory of visceral passion gone the way of meta awareness" - Artnews

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